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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Caramel Mousse - no Egg, no Gelatin

When I made the Caramel sauce, I was so ready to make the mousse with it.. I searched online, but most of them had eggs and gelatin in it.. So went back to my own Mango Mousse recipe and made the caramel mousse.. Very tempting and very tasty.. Serve them in cute mousse glasses and it is sure to please everybody...


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mango Lassi - Summer Recipes - Drinks

Mango is the king of fruits and there are very few people who do not like it.. Actually I am not a big fan of mangoes as they are too sweet, but I love it in Lassi. Today’s recipe is a very famous Punjabi refreshing drink made with curd and mangoes..


IMG_6695 - Copy

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nutella Milkshake - Nutella Recipes - Summer Drinks

Starting this week’s BM with Summer Special. Here comes a way to deliciously chill your summer… What is your favorite milk shake? Mine is chocolate.. I saw the recipe here and wanted to try it immediately.. All of us loved it.. It makes a refreshing drink in a jiffy with the ingredients at home..


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Summer Special Recipes

Summer is fast approaching here and let us have some delicious recipes to beat the summer heat.. Here are some recipes from my blog that are for summer.. Quench your thirst, cool your body and stay hydrated with these yummy summer recipes!!
Badam Milk Shake
Badam Milk Shake - IMG_3616
Cucumber Mint Shake
Cucumber Mint Shake - IMG_3201
Decadent Chocolate Fix
Decadent Chocolate Fix - IMG_2354
Mishti Doi
Mishti Doi - IMG_9155
Neer Moru / Buttermilk
Neer Moru - IMG_1871
Oats Dates Milk Shake (no sugar added)
Oats Dates Milkshake - IMG_1099
Orange Granita
Orange Granita - IMG_9372
Paanagam - IMG_1874
Shikanji / Shikanjvi
Strawberry Oats Shake (no sugar added)
Strawberry Dates Oats Shake - IMG_1470
Tofu Chocolate Pudding
Tofu Chocolate Pudding - IMG_3744
Tutti Frutti Ice Cream
Yogurt Parfait
Yogurt Parfait - IMG_2907
Hope you beat the heat the virtual way!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Onion Pakoda

Pakoda is a famous snack in South India. It tastes best when served hot. This is a regular in our house as it is one of the most favorite snack / tiffin, but never get a chance to click as it is mostly done while I am cooking itself.. By the time I am done with final round of frying, the earlier rounds of pakoda are over. Even today, I took the clicks in a hurry and hopefully I will be able to do the justice on photo for this delicious pakoda. Adjust salt and chili powder to taste. You can make many varieties like cashew pakoda, mint pakoda, masala pakoda etc.. Today my choice is the very famous onion pakoda.



Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Potato Chips

If there is one type of food which is enjoyed in many parts of the world, then it has to be chips.. Ranking top on junk food, these are irresistible and a lot of times you cannot stop with one.. There are many branded chips available, but make them at home and make it even more irresistible. I have tried the baked version here, but this one is the sinfully delicious fried one. You can add any seasoning powders of choice, but I kept it simple this with just salt and chili powder.

IMG_5759 (2)

IMG_5758 (2)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Parupu Bonda

For this week BM we will be seeing a variety of snacks starting with a type of Bonda today. Fried items are many people's weakness.. You can just stop with one.. Same holds true for this delicious bonda. This bonda is made with a variety of lentils (parupu) along with spices ad herbs.